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Only after having previously studied the features of the Pari Match website and the rules that work there, after checking the legality and licensing, you can register. Pari Match has its own website and mobile attributes through which bets on Parimatch basketball are accepted. In places where the work of offices is legally prohibited, the site can be accessed through the so-called mirror.

The Pari Match bookmaker has been on the gaming market for a very long time, has a good reputation, provides guaranteed and high-quality customer service and makes all payments on time. So you can rest assured that Pari Match is trustworthy. Basketball betting on Parimatch is available for everyone. If you love basketball and are good at it, then this option is just for you. You will find various betting options and will be able to compete for cash winnings.

Basketball Betting Tips

Having your account, a certain amount on your account and various rewards, you can start playing. Pari Match recommends numerous betting forms, but you should start with the classic ones. In betting Parimatch basketball, you need to learn how to place bets and familiarize yourself with the game options: singles, express games, system.

Single bet. The most unpretentious and well-known is the single bet option. Here the player gets acquainted with the various outcomes of the competition, among which are the traditional results: clear victory, total (over or under), handicap and double outcome. This time the player bets on a certain outcome of the competition, taking into account all versions of the outcome and personal interests. In order for the player to be able to make such a bet, you need to:

  • find a sporting event that interests you;
  • choose a suitable outcome for yourself by size, press the “coefficient” button.
  • write down the version of the rate you prefer in the coupon;
  • make a payment from a personal or bonus deposit;
  • A bet on Parimatch basketball is considered winning if the match ends within a certain result.

Express rates. Pari Match Express is very common. The agreement can be accepted for different outcomes and competitions at once. To calculate the winnings, you need to multiply the coefficients of all outcomes. Express bet is made as follows:

  • you need to select certain sports matches and results by clicking on them;
  • the two outcomes that you have chosen must be recorded in the coupon;
  • press the “express” button, the total coefficient for the express bet appears;
  • deposit money and win.

If all the outcomes entered the accumulator are correct, then the bet will be winning. If at least one is not accurate, then the bet will lose.

Basketball Betting Strategy

Basketball, like football, is very popular with gamers. Given the speed of the game, you can bet on a handicap in a large amount of points, bet on totals, and in large competitions – on the personal statistics of each player. Basketball betting has many game sites. Football – only two (halves of 45 minutes).

Basketball includes four quarters of 10 (in Europe) and 12 minutes (in the US and Asia). Bets are placed not only on the main time, but also on the quarter and half of the match.

Before the game, a bet is made on the handicap, you can also bet on the total of the first quarter, first half, and even the entire match. Live, as the quarter draws to a close, you can bet on the second quarter. For one game, you can make a prediction of four small competitions. Also, you can always choose Parimatch basketball live, and not just prematch.

Basketball betting app Parimatch

Technological progress allows making sports bets from mobile gadgets. To do this, the necessary applications must be downloaded, registration and verification passed. The rules for registering a bet are similar to the rules on the websites of bookmakers. The player chooses the system of the game:

  • live or before the start of the competition;
  • by clicking on the coefficient, a story and an intriguing result are selected;
  • the contract is valid immediately after payment;
  • the transaction is recorded in the coupon.

Bets can be made through the downloaded Pari Match applications, this includes accumulators and games by the rules.

betting on basketball

Basketball betting rules

In Parimatch, registration and verification can be done both by phone and by email. You can get a Parimatch basketball bonus for creating an account. For this you need:

  • enter the Pari Match website and click on the “Register” button;
  • indicate the country where you are located, your mobile phone and a valid email;
  • choose the currency that suits you to replenish the balance;
  • come up with a complex password to enter your personal account.

You can activate your account through an SMS code or through a link sent to your email.

Betting on basketball is similar to betting on any team sport. Most bookmakers, in addition to traditional results, add interesting betting options to the list:

  • total;
  • quarter results;
  • statistical indicators of teams and individual basketball players;
  • handicap and much more.

Do not forget that any bets must be made deliberately. To do this, you need to be well versed in your chosen sport. But even this is not enough. We must constantly follow the basketball news, the players. Collect and analyze information. Not only about the teams, but also about each participant. After all, any player can influence the outcome of the match. Thus, you should be careful. And most importantly, be responsible.


What to bet on in a Pari match?

When you select the best bet, you need to pay attention to the real result. Betting companies have competitions in various sports, football matches, basketball matches, etc. are held very often, there is a huge selection of those in Pari Match. The brokerage company recommends betting on star teams.

What is the minimum bet available in Pari Match?

The minimum rates depend on the currency you pick.

What is the maximum payout available on a winning Pari Match bet?

The bookmaker Pari Match has set a limit on the largest winning refunds on bets. The winner will be able to receive the equivalent of 1 million dollars.