Bookmaker Parimatch is one of the few who not only accepts bets on eSports, but also promotes its development by sponsoring teams and covering events. This direction entered the top 5 betting lines.

BC accepts bets on CS GO matches- one of the most popular computer games. Contra Strike appeared in 2000, and in 2012 the first tournaments began, where the batters were able to earn. CS from a simple shooter with primitive graphics grew into a game where for the sake of victory it is important to have a good reaction and quickly make decisions. Often the victory depends on how well the money was spent on ammunition and ammunition, or how the team supported you during the round.

CS GO betting line in Parimatch

CS GO eSports bets are among the bookies’ priorities. The Batters will appreciate the wide line, where almost all major tournaments are represented. Their full schedule is available on the site’s left menu.

In BC Parimatch bets on CS GO money are accepted on minors, local tournaments from sponsors and majors. Major is a major international tournament with a prize pool of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the world of eSports majors are events comparable in scale to world championships or the Olympics. These include WePlay, Blast Premier, ESEA, Next PRO, etc.

Minors are small local competitions. They have a modest prize pool. The main goal of participation in the “minor” is to declare yourself and get to the “Major” in the future.

Betterov will please not only the wide line, but also the same painting. Betting is accepted on P1, P2, head start, total, TM and TB rounds, even and odd. The number of murals depends on the level of the championship. The higher it is, the more markets are offered to the player.

CS GO Odds

Parimatch offers some of the best odds on The Strike. They range from 1.7 to 2.08. This figure is slightly higher than that of other bookmakers. Another important for betterers is the low commission (only 6.9%).

According to professionals, the odds in eSports at the moment are quite conditional. This is due to the large number of teams and the complexity of their assessment. Some of them are clearly undervalued. Cybersport is in development. The list of leaders is not fully formed. In tournaments, “black horses” often appear, completely changing the outcome of the competition.

That’s why it’s a good idea to analyze the participants’ last games before betting on CS GO league. For example, there were several situations when the coefficient reached 7, but the team came out victorious in the match.

Benefits of CS GO betting

CS is actively developing. Majors attract an increasing number of spectators, which allows to form excellent prize funds. Such rapid development of the direction only shows that it is time for the batters to pay special attention to the Contra Strike. Betting on it has a number of advantages:

  • Stability. As a rule, teams are stable in their results. If a player confidently passed all competitions, the risk of losing him is minimal. The challenge is to identify the leader early on. Statistics will help to solve this issue. You can read it on the Website of Parimatch Match.
  • High odds. They are above average in other sports.
  • Online broadcasts. Their main advantage is to attract an audience. The massiveness of the event affects the growth of rates, and therefore the rise in the income of betterers. In order to observe the course of the game, it is enough to have access to the Internet. You can also continue to bet during live.

Of course, CS GO is a promising and interesting direction in eSports. Which justifiably deserves special attention from B.C. and betterers. That is why Parimatch actively supports various championships. The site has a huge number of upcoming tournaments and matches on CS, which together gives players the best service for betting, comfortable conditions and honest payments.