Parimatch is one of the oldest bookmakers in the CIS. It was opened in 1994, in India. Initial specialization – football, hockey, tennis. Since 2016, a new direction was added – eSports in Parimatch.

The characteristic feature of this bookmaker is the support of sports, not to bet, but to develop teams and disciplines, to promote an active lifestyle among young people. Thus, in 2018, Parimatch became the official sponsor of, one of the top CIS teams in the region.

Line on eSports in Parimatch

Analysts of the bookmaker consider eSports a promising direction. In terms of betting and prize money, it is almost equal to traditional sports. Parimatch presents a broad line for this type of competition.

In addition to the popular Dota 2, CS:GO disciplines, there are many other options available. Among them are League of Legends, World of Tanks, PUBG, FIFA, StarCraft II, Call of Duty and many others. The list of bets on eSports in BC Parimatch Match is constantly updated.

In addition to the line, the bookmaker offers an extended mural. A large number of “markets” is Parimatch’s business card. Here you can put not only on the outcome of the game, but also on the odds, totals, statistics, etc. A striking example is the mural on Dota 2. Better is asked to rate the number of homicides, even/odd victims, whether the courier will be killed, etc. Wide painting is not available everywhere. In a number of games, P1 and P2 bets are allowed.

Deep, extended bets are available in live for batters. You can bet, for example, on what weapon will be killed the hero of the game. In B.C., long-term bets on the outcome of competitions, tournaments, performance of a certain team are possible. The margin of this bookmaker is 6-8%. On live it can reach 8.5%. This is a high performance compared to other BC.

Bonuses and promotions for eSports games

BC Parimatch bet is famous for its high odds. In addition to them betterers waiting for a large number of different bonuses, shares, gifts. These include:

  • It is awarded to all players for registration in the system.
  • 2500 rupees of bonuses when replenishing the account for the amount of 500 rupees. Learn more about the conditions on B.C.’s website.
  • A series of winning bets. The participant must make at least 3 bets in the line with a factor of 1.5 and a minimum of 250 rupees.
  • Traditional promotions timed to the tournaments. All participants receive bonuses from Parimatch. The most striking example was The International 2019, where the bookmaker played 1.5 million rupees.
  • Support sponsored teams and players who bet on them. When lost to Royal Never Give Up, BC returned the money to all participants betting on winning or getting into the grand final.
  • CashOut is a function of getting an early win without waiting for the end of the competition.

Promotions, various bonuses have become a tradition for Parimatch. Partly for this betters appreciate the bookmaker.

Pros and cons

Cybersport is a young and fast-growing discipline. Since 2016, the number of batters choosing her has increased hundreds of times. Internet matches have their pros and cons. They need to be considered before betting on eSports in Parimatch.

Benefits include:

  • A lot of tournaments. They take place almost every day in contrast to the matches of traditional sports. Teams in the Majors can play 3-5 games in 1 day. You can bet on each of them. In fact, the better can earn on the number of bets.
  • Low margin. The odds on eSports betting are comparable to low-margin disciplines (basketball, volleyball, some types of football). Due to the fact that the cafe starts from 1.9, and the matches are held a lot, the participants remain in a significant . Another bonus from The Parimatch Match is a wide mural of tournaments.
  • Dynamic analytics of competitions in eSports. Because of the novelty and regular updates in the lines of discipline, there is a lot of potential to break the jackpot where few people understand. In order for the batter to be in the advantage, you need to independently study the statistics of teams in tournaments and be vigilant.

For all the positive qualities, eSports has some drawbacks. These include:

  • Technical problems. Equipment malfunctions, DDOS attacks at LAN tournaments happen periodically. They have a negative impact on the quality of the game. That was pretty relevant a few years ago. Now the level of encryption and information technology has increased significantly, because the problems with the equipment are not particularly terrible.

Parimatch bookmaker compares favorably with similar companies. It not only provides betting services, but also promotes the development of sports and eSports by sponsoring events and teams. BC offers the highest odds and stimulates participants’ interest in tournaments and bets in every way. Here you can be sure of the safety and multiplithies of money