Volleyball among other sports confidently takes one of the leading positions. According to some ratings, it is in the top 5 of all popular sports, ahead of biathlon, American football and even boxing.

Volleyball is characterized by a dynamic game. In each match a maximum of 5 sets is played, that is, the winner is always determined, a draw in this sport is not provided by the rules. This makes volleyball predictable enough, which allows bettors to earn bets by selecting a winner from two participants. To do this, you need to study the statistics, analyze the previous results of the teams and choose a stronger one. In addition to the standard bets on the winner of P1 and P2, Parimatch offers other types of bets for each volleyball match: total more, total less, handicap. At the same time, BC has advantageous odds, which give the opportunity to receive substantial prizes for winning.

Volleyball betting line

Volleyball in Parimatch is represented by a wide line. Regional competitions of Indian teams, foreign matches, Super League, Champions League, Challenge Cup, etc. are available for betting. Here you can find all the important meetings of famous teams. At the same time, every regional site has local games, which means that you can find the match of your favorite team and bet on its victory. Participants can bet on both prematma and live. Online broadcasts on the Parimatch website are held in high quality, without pauses and delays, which gives an advantage in the speed of decision-making and allows you to react quickly to changes in the game and make a winning bet in a timely manner.

One of the main advantages of betting in this area is a wide painting. Betting is accepted not only on the winner, but also on total in sets and in the score, head start, time-breaks, even/odd, etc.

Volleyball bets in Parimatch are beneficial because of the high odds and their variability during the game. For example, losing a favorite in the first set with an initial 1.3 can increase it to 1.8 or 2.

The best volleyball betting strategies

This sport with the right approach can bring some profit in excess of the basic earnings. Stable team results, dynamic play and many tournaments allow you to make successful predictions and get a win on the team’s victory.

In order not to merge the budget, you need to know a few features of the game:

  • There are men’s and women’s leagues. In the first case, almost always predictable results, so P1 bets, P2 are characterized by a fairly low ratio of 1.3. Women’s teams are more emotional and unpredictable. The Batters win on them, mostly in live.
  • Predictability. This feature can be seen in all volleyball leagues. Before betting on the team, you need to carefully study its statistics: analysis of wins and losses in home and away matches, performance, the number of points in the set, etc. The more information, the higher the chances that the bet will play.
  • Motivation. Volleyball players play a series of matches. If a game is more important to them, then there is a great chance that they will “salt” the competition that precedes it.
  • No strategy can be 100% sure. In betting, you can never calculate everything with maximum accuracy.

In order to make money on volleyball with the help of a tote, you need to study in detail the characteristics and features of the game of teams in one league and make a team that will come out victorious. Don’t bet erratically. This sport, like no other, is predictable.

Features of the game in live

Betting during the broadcast of the game is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to win. The fact that live bets allow you to react in time to changes on the field and adjust your game. Painting in Parimatch allows you to bet not only on the result of the match, but also on the interim results. Events in the process of competition between teams unfold unpredictably. For example, if the previous bet didn’t play, you can block the loss with a new bet on another result. Similarly, you can increase the existing rate by a new, higher amount.

For example, betting on an outsider’s victory in the first set often becomes a win. The fact is that the teams at the start are full of strength and try to play as effectively as possible. During this period, weak participants begin to lead, which significantly increases the odds on them.

According to this principle of building a game of volleyball, the batter earns on the growth of odds during the live. Since it is the women’s teams that are not predictable as possible, the kefs on their games are higher.

Strategies for volleyball

The key to success in betting is the right strategy and comprehensive analysis of the participants of the tournament. This rule also applies to volleyball. There are some of the most tried and tested tactics:

  • Corridor theory. The essence of the strategy is that different bookmakers put different odds on the same painting. If you make several bets at the same time, they can all play. Most often, “Corridors” are used on total. You need to understand that tactics do not guarantee winning.
  • Betting on Super League volleyball in the Parimatch Match. This is the largest championship in this sport. It runs from October to May. The Super League is famous for its predictability. She’s a godsend for newcomers to the world of betting. For example, favorites almost always hold their positions. The most popular score of the final is 3:1, less than 3 sets almost does not happen. It is enough to carefully examine the games to start winning the stakes.
  • Catch-up. It’s a classic strategy. The bottom line is to increase the amount of the bet in the live if the previous one has not won back. The fact is that in volleyball the favorites rarely win in dry. 1-2 sets they give to the underdogs. The task of the batter is to find a match where the leader’s ratio will be 1.35 and the underdog will be 3. During the game, the performance will change significantly. That’s what the winnings are based on.

Volleyball betting has only been gaining popularity around the world lately. This sport is distinguished not only by the dynamism of the process itself, but also by simple rules that are easy to learn. At the same time, the strength of opponents can be assessed fairly accurately, which makes betting on volleyball a relatively easy business. Since the game takes place on a small field, the organization of competitions does not cause big problems. Therefore, the frequency of competitions is growing, which attracts new fans and batters. Separately, it is worth mentioning the women’s competitions, the fight in which is more intense. Many fans believe that watching them is much more interesting than meeting men’s teams.

The stability of the team results, the ease in mastering the rules and basic principles, as well as the frequency of games attract more and more new volleyball fans. Parimatch creates the ideal conditions for successful betting by offering simple participation conditions, high odds, a profitable bonus system, stable online broadcasting, guaranteed payouts and professional customer support. BC Parimatch is a leader in betting and for many years maintains an excellent reputation as a reliable and honest partner.