Parimatch Bonus in the amount of 1000 rupees for the first bet and 2500 rupees per deposit and registration of a new user attract the attention of an increasing number of betterers. Customers of the company can participate only in one of the proposed shares, according to the technical support of the company.

Let’s find out which is more profitable and what conditions you need to fulfill to win back the Parimatch bonus code India.

 1000 rupees – Parimatch Welcome Bonus

The new player is get a Parimatch Bonus of 1000 rupees when the account is replenished for the amount of 500 rupees and above. The bonus is awarded within 72 hours of the transaction and must be awarded by the customer before the withdrawal.

Is there a Parimatch welcome code? No: unlike what happens on many betting sites, in order to access the Parimatch welcome bonus, you will not have to enter any bonus code or promotional code. Also for this reason the Parimatch sign up bonus is very appreciated, as it is very easy to reach and – to get it – you just need to follow three simple steps. 

Bonus code for Parimatch – up to 2500 rupees

Parimatch bonus program “up to 2500 rupees per registration” offers new users of the office to get up to 2500 rupees. The minimum size is 500 rupees, the maximum – 2500 p. It depends on the amount of the first top-up of the player and accrues within 3 days at the rate of 100% of the deposit amount.

Parimatch bonus terms and conditions a sign up bonus

Both promotions are available only after registration. Each user can receive a bonus for only one offer. The conditions of the action are as follows:

  • The participant must undergo the registration and identification procedure.
  • The amount of his first deposit should not be less than 500P.
  • The bonus is only available to new players in the company. If the “old” customer deletes the account and creates a new one to receive the “gift” again, the funds will not be credited to the account.
  • The bonus is only available ONE TIME for ONE IP address.
  • 1000 rupees to the account/100% bonus from the amount of the first deposit will arrive within 72 hours after the top-up.
  • The company reserves the right to ask the user to undergo a re-verification procedure or cancel the bonus in case of suspicions of his foul play.


If you have topped up your account for more than 2500 rupees, your bonus will be 2500P.

Parimatch Bonuses Winning Rules

Bonus winning procedure review

To win back the money received, the better must make a deal with a quote of 1.7 and above in the form of a 10-fold bonus amount (if you have chosen the share “up to 2500 rupees per registration”)/20-fold amount of “gift” (if you received a bonus of 1000 rupees).

The Terms of re-winning Parimatch bonus

The process of winning any of the bonuses from Parimatch in 2020 must be performed within 45 days, and the first attempt should be made no later than 7 days after the deposit of bonus funds.

Betting types

There are bets such as “Ordinar” or “Express” type, the ratio of which is more or equal to 1.7. When selecting an express bet, all the outcomes contained in it must be quoted at least 1.7. At the same time you can bet on live matches and pre-match events.

Bonus playing conditions

Money is considered to be won if the bettor managed to win a deal under the rules set by the office (see the first paragraph of the list) in a timely manner (see the second paragraph of the list).

Also, bonuses from Parimatch are considered active if the player’s account has a smaller amount of bet.

How to withdraw bonus in Parimatch

Let’s consider an example of withdrawal of accrued bonus funds. Suppose we chose “1000 rupees for the first bet” by adding a game account for 20,000. In total, we have 21,000 p.

According to the rules of the action, we must conclude a bet of 20,000 rupees type or express with a factor of 1.7. We believe in The City’s Victorian side against Spurs with a handicap of 1.5. Event ratio suits us, 2.41.

All that’s left is to confirm the deal. To do this, click on the “Make a bet” label.

So, if our bet seems to be winning, then 1000 rupees will be transferred to real money, and they can be withdrawn.


CashOut gives Parimatch betting customers the opportunity to return some of their money before the outcome of the event is known.

To use CashOut, the batter needs:

  1. Go to The Account Story section.
  2. Go to “uncalculated bets.”
  3. Choose the right bet and click on the “CashOut” label.
  4. At the end, you need to confirm the request.

In a few minutes you should get the refunds backed. In case of a problem, those who support the bookmaker immediately.

Other seasonal betting bonuses

Up to 10,000 rupees for a series of successful cs:GO bets

The promotion offers users of BC Parimatch to receive a bonus of up to 10,000 rupees for a series of winning bets on matches of the tournament “CS:GO BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Regular Season.”

Offer valid from February 3 to 16. The size of the “gift” depends on the number of successful bets on the games of this esports competition. At the same time, winning events should go to the row.

Parimatch Bonus Conditions

To become a member of the promotion, the player must make a series of at least 3 successful predictions for the outcome of any match of the tournament “CS:GO BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Regular Season.” The coefficient of all user bets should be no lower than 1.5, and the sum of each bet should be more than 250 rupees.

In the calculation are bets such as “Prematch” and “Live,” “Ordinar” and “Express” (in it all events should be with a quote of 1.5). Deals such as “System” or bets calculated on the service “Kashaut” do not count, but do not interrupt the winning streak of the bettor.


The bonus is awarded in two stages: February 10 for the first week of the promotion and February 17 for the second for 48 hours.

Rules of wagering

In order for the bonus to become active, the player must place the bet in its 3-fold amount on the outcome with a factor of 1.7. Customers are given 14 calendar days to meet these conditions. If the customer did not have time to fulfill them, the bonus is automatically debited from his account after the expiration of the term.

Up to 3000 rupees for a correct forecast for the Oscars 2020

This bonus from Parimatch offers customers a “gift” for the guessed number of nominations won by the film “The Joker” at the 92nd Academy Awards. The offer is available until the award ceremony begins.


To become a member of the action, you need to click on the link, specify the number of nominations won by the movie “The Joker” and click on the inscription “Make a prediction.”

Next, the batter must enter the number of his personal account and make a deal for any event of the Academy Awards 2020 in the “Entertainment” section on the bookmaker’s website. The outcome quote should be no lower than 1.5, and the size of the bet is determined by the amount of bonus the player wants to receive.

  • At a rate of 100 to 349 rupees, the client will receive a bonus of 1000 p.
  • In the transaction from 350 to 499 rupees, the user’s account will be credited with 2000 p.
  • If the forecast is correct, the player’s bonus will be 3000 p.


Only those bettors who have managed to predict the number of nominations won by the film “The Joker” and make an accurate forecast with a quote of more than 1.5 will receive.

Rules of wagering

The rules for activation of accrued funds are identical with the rules of the action “Up to 10,000 rupees for a series of successful bets on CS:GO.”

“1,000,000 p per bet on The Parimatch Premier Cup”

This bonus Parimatch divides the prize fund of 10 million rupees between all participants of the action. At the same time, bets are made only on the matches of the “Parimatch Premier Cup” tournament, which is already taking place in Doha, qatar, and will last until February 9.


Customers wishing to participate in the promotion must make predictions for the Games “Parimatch Premier Cup” and thus accumulate points, which they will then be able to use to get the bonus.

Bet is taken into account with a sum of 100 rupees with a quote from 1.5. The bet should be a winning bet. It can be like Live or Prematch, Ordinar, or Express (in the express rate all events must be at least 1.5, and the overall figure is not lower than 1.85).

The higher the amount of the transaction, the more points are awarded to the user. The priority is also given to Express-type rates.

Rules of wagering

The bonus is awarded in proportion to the amount of points accumulated by the batter within 72 hours after the publication of the list of winners of the promotion. However, the bonus offer is active for everyone, and the bookmaker will credit the bonus on the account of each player who scored at least some points rating.

The wagering procedure is simple: you need to place a bet in 3 short amount of “gift” for any event with a quote from 1.7. Bettora is given 2 weeks to activate his bonus, otherwise it will burn.