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Parimatch cricket betting is live now. This gambling site works honestly. This can be confirmed by many users of the site. The popularity of this bookmaker is due to regular promotions, a large assortment of various events, as well as good odds. Therefore, it is not surprising that fans of betting on sports events win rather big sums here. You can compete for winnings simply by betting on sporting events. The bookmaker offers a wide range of the most popular events, which allows any user to decide on an interesting match for a bet.

Parimatch has a huge number of different options so that you can compete for a cash prize. From football to esports. Among them is Parimatch cricket. There are real-time bets, as well as different types of additional ones. Margin in Parimatch ranges from 4 to 12%. Real-time margin is between 5 and 7%. There are also express bets. Unlike most team games, cricket has many variations of the rules, even matches are played in several formats. Therefore, it can be difficult for beginners to understand many of the nuances.

If you want to know how to play Parimatch cricket, you need to learn the rules as well as other features. The stadium for the game is an oval field covered with grass, where two teams of eleven people are located. The main positions are assigned to bowlers (those who serve) and batsmen (those who hit). One player hits the bat as far as possible to run across the playing court before the other player reaches the ball. To a certain extent, the match resembles baseball.

How to bet on cricket at Parimatch?

Before you make cricket bet Parimatch, then read the basics:

  • Exodus. You must predict the victory of a certain team (athletes) or a draw. This is the oldest and easiest option, which is suitable even for beginners.
  • Double chance. This option is for cautious bettors. It is necessary to bet on the victory of the participant or a draw.
  • Accurate account. You should bet on the exact final score of the sporting event. Such a choice is usually made in football, since there are not, so many goals scored per game.
  • Handicap. This is the rate at which the required value is added or removed to the account of a certain participant. Thus, the team must win by a certain score difference or lose by a certain goal difference.
  • Time/match. In this option, the bettor tries to simultaneously predict the winner at the end of the half/game/period and who wins the match as a whole. Thus, the participant bets on winning the first half by one team, and the competition in general – by the other. There is also such an option.
  • Total. Total is a bet on achieving the number of indicators specified by the bettor in the match. In football, bets are placed on the number of goals, fouls, yellow and red cards, corners, free kicks, etc.

The choice in favor of one or another type of bet is made by the bettor himself based on his personal preferences, as well as on the size of the coefficients and the chances of receiving a prize.

Cricket betting tips on Parimatch

Everyone can use  online cricket betting tips Parimatch. For analysts, this sport and deals on it are profitable. Many bettors around the world bet on their favorites. And this is not always influenced by statistics. Therefore, overvalued or undervalued odds for cricket can occur quite often. Therefore, players should be interested in statistics, study information and conduct pre-match analysis.

Cricket betting Parimatch India is available in real time. Since the odds regularly fluctuate during gameplay, players will be able to take advantage of this. Some features of this team sport should be noted:

  • In a one-day competition, attention should be paid to skill and technique. But if the tournament is held for three to five days, then the emphasis here is more on the endurance of all participants.
  • Conduct pre-match analysis based primarily on statistics. Also look at the season and the shape of the players. It can be very different, depending on the season.
  • The relocation of the team also affects the outcome. Participants may not be accustomed to constant climate change. Thus, if the Indian team ends up in South Africa, then some time is needed to adapt. It is this situation that can change the course of the game.

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Cricket bonus for new players from Parimatch

To attract new players, the bookmaker has profitable promotions. After entering Parimatch, you are offered a choice of a special bonus offer:

  • players who have become Parimatch clients for the first time can receive a bonus on their first deposit in the amount of 100% of the first deposit amount;
  • a popular bonus – a risk-free bet, currently does not function in pari match;
  • 15% cashback from bets on esports discipline CS:GO.


How to place bets from the phone?

According to its main characteristics and functionality, Parimatch cricket betting app is not much different from the desktop version of the site. You can select events both in prematch and in Live. In addition to the betting coupon, you can carry out all types of account operations (deposit, withdrawal of funds) through applications, receive bonuses, and follow the broadcast. The mobile application has an option for registration. The bookmaker platform is accessible from any device.

What is the best way to bet on cricket?

It is best to bet in live mode. It is in this case that it is convenient to analyze during the game, betting during the entire gameplay. In cricket, the most unexpected things can happen. But often the strongest players win, not outsiders.

What championships to bet on cricket?

Cricket competitions are divided into several types:

  • First level games – has a limited meeting time and 4 innings. Last up to 5 days, daily game session takes 6 hours.
  • Games with a certain number of overs of 2 innings. Such games take 1 day, but stretch for more than 6 hours.

Which cricket bets to choose?

Most popular bets:

  • Separate total.
  • The best participant.
  • Outcome of a sports match.
  • Total wines or run-outs.

Total wounds, as well as run-outs in one of the teams.