Parimatch Hockey tips will help every tipster get the most out of every ticket. Parimatch Hockey Betting is extremely popular in our country for several reasons. The long tradition of hockey and the success of hockey teams and hockey players themselves in foreign leagues make this sport attractive for both spectators and tipsters.

In the next article, we will look at several ways to bet on hockey, explain their features, and the benefits of a hockey betting site. By betting on hockey, with good preparation, you can significantly increase your chances of winning, make a profit in the long run and make good money. We also recommend using free hockey betting tips. Hockey prediction becomes much more interesting, and with it the experience of watching individual hockey matches on TV or live.

The exact result of the Parimatch

Predicting the exact result of a match is simple – you are hockey betting on the exact result of a match, which is expressed as a numerical score. The bookmaker offers you several possible outcomes of the match, and you decide which one can happen in reality. However, such bets are very risky.

It is extremely difficult to predict what result the players will achieve during the match. Even if the participant of the match is a team from the first places in the table, which plays against an outsider, the probability of a correct prediction is very small. Therefore, we do not recommend this method of hockey online sports betting – especially if your goal is to regularly earn money. On the other hand, the odds are extremely interesting. The figure shows that by betting a large amount, you can achieve a very high win.

Number of goals in a match

In this case, we are betting on the number of goals in the match that both teams will score together. Bets on the number of goals can be found in the offer of each bookmaker. There are several types of bets. As with hockey live betting on the final result, it is very difficult to predict the number of goals that both goalkeepers will score in a match.

With this hockey betting lines method, you first choose the number of goals and then you have the option to bet on fewer or more goals. In the picture above, we can see that the odds for each selection are very interesting, and thanks to this selection, you can increase the cost of your ticket and the possible winnings quite well.

An interesting option is to bet on the exact number of goals in a match. Here again it is very difficult to guess how many goals will be scored in a match, but the odds are also extremely attractive.

Parimatch Ice hockey handicaps

Handicaps are an exciting and fun way to bet. All bookmakers offer this method. Handicap betting means that the bookmaker favors or does not favor one of the teams before the start of the match. An advantage is indicated by a numerical value preceded by a + sign, a disadvantage is indicated by a – sign.

Handicap betting is very popular and originated in Asia. In our country, the so-called European handicap is used, and the size of the odds shows that this is an interesting method to improve your ticket and increase your possible winnings.

Who will win more periods

A very interesting option for a tipster is the ability to guess which team will win more periods in a match. For this bet, it is good to have an idea of ​​the current form of the entire team, as well as the players and their form. When making a decision, there are three options – either the home team will win more periods, or both teams will win equally, and the last option – the visiting team will win more periods.

Then the coefficients will be set in such a way that they will be lower for a stronger team, and much higher for a weaker one. This Parimatch betting ice hockey method can prove to be very reliable as even weaker teams can dominate and win some periods against stronger opponents.

Number of goals between minutes

In this case, we are hockey betting online on the number of goals that will be scored between predetermined minutes of the match. An experienced bettor will use detailed knowledge of the particular team and its players to place this bet. For this reason, we recommend betting on the number of goals between minutes for experienced bettors, and not for beginners. Information about the current form of goalkeepers is especially useful.

Ice hockey betting strategies

There are several betting strategies that can be used when betting on Parimatch hockey. The choice of a specific one is based, first of all, on the knowledge that we have about a particular sport, as well as knowledge about the league, players and their souvenirs. We will present the most basic strategies and explain how they work.

Strategy #1 – Bet on the Winner

Strategy #1 – Betting on the winner is the most common form of betting in hockey. Based on the information we have as a bettor, we decide to wager a certain amount of money on the winner of the game in this match. The winner of the match is the team that scores more goals.

When betting on the winner, we must take into account that the odds on the favorite will be small. Conversely, the odds for an outsider to win will be high, because the probability of his winning is minimal. However, we know from experience that weaker teams (not just in hockey) can surprise and beat stronger opponents on a regular basis.

Strategy #2 – Bet on the winner of the league

Strategy #2 – Betting on the winner of the league – is a tactic that can be applied in the period immediately before the start of the new season. The rosters of each team are almost complete, and we can conclude about their potential to win next season. Thus, we predict the final winner of the league, which in hockey are realized in the additional part – the playoffs. In our case, the NHL will only start at the end of September, but the winner of the Stanley Cup can be chosen today.