Parimatch is a Indian bookmaker that has gained the trust of many gambling enthusiasts over the past few years. Regularly the site is visited by both citizens of the Indian and foreign users to earn money and enjoy the feeling of excitement. To learn how to bet in Parimatch, just do a few simple things: sign up, top up your account and log into your personal account.

After that, you need to choose a suitable sport, an interesting championship or a match and choose a suitable bet from the presented list. Next, just wait for the event to end and get your winnings.

Instruction: how to bet in Parimatch

To bet in Parimatch you need to have your own account on the official website and the money amount in the game account. Any adult citizen has the right to get a private office. One player may have no more than one game score. The data entered at the registration cannot be changed or corrected later, so you should take this process seriously.

Sign up

Registration in Parimatch is as follows: click on the "Register" icon on the bookmaker's website, and then fill out the registration form with the necessary data:

  • The date of birth
  • Account currency;
  • Phone number or email address to choose from
  • Password.

The whole procedure takes only a few minutes and does not cause any problems. It is important to specify truthful data, because otherwise the personal office will not pass verification and you will not be able to use it.


Verification is a necessary procedure to protect your account from scammers, as well as to confirm adulthood. To pass it, you must upload to the site a copy of the identity document. If the account information and the documents are the same, the verification will be successful. Otherwise, you will need to re-identify and confirm your identity.

Attention! You can withdraw money only on your own e-wallet or bank card! It is not allowed to account with relatives, friends or acquaintances! This is to ensure that only you can withdraw your money and no one else.


Parimatch, as a popular bookmaker, provides participants with generous bonuses. The main one among them is the bonus for the first deposit. At the first replenishment of the deposit account, the player receives up to 2,500 rupees from the bookmaker. The amount depends only on the size of the first top-up and will go to the bonus account. This money can be withdrawn only after replenishing the terms of the wagering, which are listed on the official website of the BC.

Types of bets and their terms

To answer the question of how to bet in Parimatch betting, you can visit the FA's page on parimatch or your customer support. The service will answer all questions in detail and, if necessary, will send the necessary materials and advice. Events are located in a vertical menu. The main ones are the list below.

  1. Live bet - is done on events that occur at the moment in real time. Click on Live Parimatch or Live Betting. The list of current tournaments is then opened. Next, choose your own sport, match in line and coefficient.
  2. Express is a bet on several events at once. In the case of at least one loss, the player loses money, but if all the events play, the win will be tangible.
  3. A single bet is placed on the result of one event. Go to the site, determine with the sport, the championship and choose a specific match. Then you study the commands, their composition, odds, outcomes, and then click on the coefficient, and specify the amount.

Attention! Beginners should not risk large sums! To start, bet small, even if the chance to win against your team is high. This way you can get used to the rules and reduce the risks due to ignorance of the basics of betting.

Secrets of successful bets

In order to win and earn bets, you need to adhere to certain rules.

  1. Check out the betting information and analyze it carefully. For a player with little experience it is desirable to find a "golden mean" between the desire to win more money and the competent distribution of his budget.
  2. Do not bet "big" immediately after being defeated. Each player seeks to win back, instigated by a thirst for profit, but this is the wrong approach, which is guaranteed to lead to unnecessary spending. First, analyze your own mistakes and wait a while and only then act on the cold head.
  3. Bet responsibly, do not risk large sums, even if it seems that now is the time. Luck can let you down at any moment.
  4. Don't mindlessly bet on your favorite teams if you're a real fan. It is unlikely that you are able to objectively assess their capabilities, which can lead to error and loss.
  5. Invest money in case you are well versed in the topic. Careful analysis of the teams, their capabilities and strategies will allow you to make the most accurate forecast. Well, if you are already familiar with a particular sport, in this case do not have to spend time studying it, and therefore the result will be better.

Remember that the main quality of a professional is impartiality and rational approach, which includes careful study of the principles on which the system works.