kabaddi parimatch

Betting companies often offer bets on popular sports, as well as on rather extraordinary games. One of these is Kabaddi betting on Parimatch. What is this sport? It can be called regional, because it is known in Asia. The origin of this game is India. Kabaddi is currently included in the program of the Asian Games.

The game is a kind of symbiosis of wrestling and tags. Two teams of 12 people each compete in one match (7 players on the field and 5 in reserve). They occupy opposite sides of the playing field measuring 13 m x 10 m, which is divided by a line in the middle. The game begins with the fact that one team sends a player to someone else’s half of the field to capture the opponent. His task is to touch one of the opponent’s players with his hand or foot and have time to return with any part of the body to his own half.

The purpose of the defense is to prevent the opponent from returning “home” after touching one of the team members. In addition, the attacking player must continuously shout the word “Parimatch kabaddi” in the opponent’s half of the field. If he gets lost and takes a breath, then the defense team can grab him before touching.

If the attacking player has completed his task, then the participant whom he touched is eliminated from the game (substitution is made). If the defense wins, the “invader” transfers the right to attack to a teammate. Points are awarded for a knocked out or grabbed opponent, one point each. The game continues until one of the teams loses all players.

How to Bet on Kabaddi in Parimatch?

To bet on Parimatch kabaddi, registration is required. The following registration options are available to new online bookmaker customers:

  • On the official site;
  • Through the mobile version of the site;
  • Through the application for iOS or Android device.

Guessing how many points the winner or the loser will get is too difficult. Kabaddi betting Parimatch can be over/under at 67.5 points. Another option for betting is the total “capture” points (this means a bet on the sum of the points of all participating teams) and the total points in the “defense”.

Mobile betting Parimatch

Due to the growing popularity of betting, BC Parimatch has created 2 versions of the application for Android and iOS. The user gets access to all functions, that is, in the usual desktop version. You can create an account immediately using the application or log in there. You can download the add-on if your device is running Android and iOS. On another gadget, you can go to Parimatch through a mobile browser to use a simple mobile version without an application.

Live Kabaddi betting

In 2014, the first full-fledged kabaddi championship was created in India. Initially, 8 teams played in it, but later the tournament was expanded to 12 participants. The debut championship was watched by 435 million viewers and every year this figure increased. A team is awarded 5 points for a victory in a match, 3 points for a draw. A team also receives 1 point if it lost by a difference of seven or fewer points.

The Indian team Patna Pirates has 3 championships in this sport. For winning the tournament, the winner receives 30 million Indian rupees, which is equal to about 400 thousand dollars or 11 million hryvnias at the rate. This way you can make Kabaddi League bet Parimatch.

Margin for live betting can usually be higher by 2-3% on regular bets. In this mode, there are only significant tournaments. The betting company receives approximately 8 percent of the bets. Real-time mode is chosen by the most users. Every day you can find hundreds of competitions in it. The section contains a detailed painting for each game.

Kabaddi Betting tips on Parimatch

Before betting on Parimatch kabaddi India, do a good pre-match analysis. Collect more information about the players and the conditions of the game.

What is the secret of the popularity of the species? Firstly, this is a very mass sport that many people love to do. You can play both indoors and outdoors – conditional markings are easily drawn on the ground. The player does not bear any costs. In football, in cricket, you need at least a minimum inventory, but here – only desire.

Secondly, the view is very dynamic, which makes viewing fun. Every 30 seconds, either an entry into the zone (the so-called raid), or a capture occurs. The score is constantly changing, any team can win, even if they lose a lot. Thirdly, the match lasts only 40 minutes (plus a five-minute break). Watching kabaddi will take much less time than football, field hockey and especially cricket.


Parimatch Bonus

You can get kabaddi bonus Parimatch. Often, incentives are offered to beginners. All bonus offers of this betting company are of the following types:

  • Welcome. It is given as a sum of money to a special account for a new player. But there is one condition – the amount of the deposit must be the same as specified in the conditions.
  • An individual gift for a referral project. It is given if you invite your friends or acquaintances to become a Parimatch client.
  • bonus that give under the loyalty program.

There are also promo codes available. They are like this:

  • A certain amount to deposit an account for newly registered users.
  • 100% on the first deposit.

Bonus offers are updated constantly. Therefore, follow the changes and new offers on the Pari Match website or partner websites.


Can I bet on mobile?

Yes. You can bet from your mobile phone using the Parimatch app. Just sign up or login through the app, make a deposit and place your bets.

Does the bookmaker give a bonus to beginners?

Parimatch offers promotions to everyone who has just created an account. They may be updated and changed. Follow the current bonus offers on the Pari Match website or partners.

Is verification required on the site?

Yes. You must pass verification and confirm that you are an adult bettor. Underage users cannot be customers of a bookmaker or casino.