At the bookmaker Parimatch painting live-betting is one of the widest in the domestic betting market. Live Parimatch bets are accepted by the organization in accordance with the company's regulations, and for the convenience of users, the office provides the opportunity to track the events of the match through video and text broadcast. However, these are not all opportunities to split the live rates of the site of this B.C.

Review of Parimatch Live

To get into the Parimatch Live section, the player needs to click on the "Parimatch Live" label on the main panel of the office's website.

On the screen of the user's device will open a page where you can make bets in real time. Here the events are divided into two groups:

  • Live Betting - shows matches that have already started.
  • Soon in Live - here are the events that will begin in a certain period of time. You can set it with an auxiliary panel.

Events are also sorted by sport. First they show live football matches, then hockey, tennis, esports, basketball and others.

The large white panel on the left allows the batters to quickly select the sport they are interested in and to classify the events by the time they start (1 hour before the game, 3 hours, etc.).

If you're looking for a specific meeting, you should use the sport's live event concealment feature. To do this, just click a tick near the sport of interest to you, and its live matches will automatically hide. Accordingly, to return everything to the starting position, you need to click on the icon again.

To analyze the meeting, users of the bookmaker can watch a video broadcast of the match. There is also text information about the events of the game. However, with a zero account, these options are not available.

The Select All feature allows the office's players to track events available for live betting.

Sometimes the user can not make a bet because of the fact that the game was an important event (one team goal, player removal, 2-minute penalty, athlete injury, etc),that changes the quotes of all outcomes. At such moments, bookmakers do not have time to put new odds on the outcome of the game, and therefore have to temporarily close the line of live bets for the match.

The "Clean Everything" option is the opposite of "Choose Everything." It removes marks in the form of ticks from matches, which can be made live-betting.

Sports in live betting

The most popular sports betting disciplines in Parimatch live are:

  • Football.
  • Hockey.
  • Tennis.
  • Basketball.
  • Esports.

There are other, less sought-after disciplines, such as ping pong, boxing or badminton.

In each of these sports, you can make the following predictions:

  • Victory of one of the teams.
  • A draw in the match.
  • Not losing to one of the teams.
  • Positive or negative handicap of one of the opponents.
  • Total meetings.
  • Total is even/odd.
  • Individual team total.
  • Accurate score.

You can make a bet on another event in the game, but here already each sport shows its own peculiarities. For example, you will not be able to bet in a hockey match on the general total of corners, as in a football meeting, because in hockey roots are not served.


The quotes of the same outcome before the start of the meeting and during the match can vary considerably.

The explanation of this phenomenon is simple: in pre-match mode bookmakers put odds on events, based on the preliminary analysis of the meeting and the size of the margin of the office. And in the live mode, the specialists of the companies put up quotes based on what is happening on the field. No one can predict exactly what character the match will become, and therefore the odds can change significantly.

Let's take an example. In the RPL match Ufa-CSKA quoted more than 2.5 before the match was 1.74.

But after 30 minutes of the match the scoreboard did not open, and the quote on the total more than 2.5 rose to 1.85.

How to bet on sports in live

To make a live bet in BC Parimatch, the player needs:

  1. To log in to the system, i.e. log in or register.
  2. If a customer has just got an account on the bookmaker's website, he needs to pass the verification of the account. To do this, the customer should click on the "Verify account" label and choose the right way to identify the person.
  3. Then you need to click on the inscription "Parimatch live" and choose the sport of interest with a white panel on the left side of your device's display. If necessary, you can filter events over a time range.
  4. After that, you should decide on the game on which you want to make a deal, and choose a profitable, in your opinion, outcome. We will bet on the victory of Freiburg against Fortuna Dusseldorf with a factor of 2.05.
  5. At the end, you need to enter the bet amount and click on "Make a bet."

Useful features

Fast bets

As the quotes for live events are constantly changing, players sometimes do not have time to make a bet on the highest odds. That's why BC Parimatch has introduced a fast betting feature that allows the player to make trades in one click.

To activate the option, tick the back of the fast bets.

Then enter the amount of your bet in one click with this panel.

After that, to make a bet you will be enough to click on the chosen event, and the amount you entered will be concluded on the bet.

Accept odds changes

Some players are fed up with notifications about changing the quote of the event they wish to bet on. For these users, the developers of the site have introduced the option "Accept all changes in odds." It allows the client of the parimatch bookmaker to make predictions without notifying the change of the event quote.

To activate the fction, click the tick in front of the caption "Accept all the odds changes."

Now the administration of the office will not torment you with alerts about the change in the quote of your chosen outcome.

The pros and cons of live betting

Of the advantages of the live betting section on the website of the bookmaker Parimatch it is worth noting a wide line of events, the presence of a variety of filters that help players quickly find the event they need. Also pleased with the minimum amount of the deal: it is 20 rupees. These conditions of the game are ideal for beginner batters who are not ready to risk large sums.

Unfortunately, a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey was still found. In the open spaces of the Indian , the site periodically glitches and hangs, so users have to close the tab with the site BC Parimatch and open it again. This is the only way the portal starts to function normally again.

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