LOL Betting Odds

One of the first concepts that players come across in a bookmaker’s office is lol betting odds. In other words, this is the bookmaker’s settlement data that evaluates each bet in a line.

In fact, it’s enough to simply understand what the opponents’ chances of winning are. You can also independently calculate the coefficient for different events. After all, if the bet is successful, then the final win will depend on it.Parimatch Betting on LOL

In-play LOL Betting at Parimatch

The variety of esports lol betting is largely determined by the specifics of the gameplay. League of Legends is noticeably different from other popular types of esports in that there is only one Rift Summoner card in the game, and the match consists of three or five parties. Accordingly, the winner is the team that first achieved two or three victories in the series.

The following bets on LoL matches are available in the Parimatch bookmaker’s line:

  • First blood;
  • The first tower was destroyed;
  • First dragon type;
  • Number of dragons killed;
  • Murder of Baron Nashor;
  • The first one is destroyed by the inhibitor;
  • Number of kills per player;
  • Duration of the match;
  • The number of minions killed.

In addition, long-term bets on League of Legends regularly appear in the line of BC Parimatch betting, the results of which may become known only after a few weeks or even months. So, for example, you can bet on the results of a LoL tournament and predict the champion’s MVP name.

League of Legends tournaments take place almost all year round. Every professional team that takes part in confrontations, including the top lane player, jungler, support player, shooter, and mid lane player.

The most famous and popular League of Legends tournament is the World Championship, which has been held since 2011. Usually this event takes place in the fall, right after the end of the summer split. Among the major competitions, the Mid-Season Invitational, first held in 2015, can be distinguished. Based on the results of this competition, the baskets of the participants of the World Championship are formed.

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Parimatch Betting on LOL

Parimatch League of Legends Bonus Offers

Before you take part in any promotion, you must carefully read its terms and conditions. On lol betting sites, the rules of each promotion are described in detail, step-by-step algorithms for participation are given and we emphasize what should be paid attention to.

If you want to play intelligently at lol esports betting, but do not want to spend all your free time looking for favorable conditions and trying to understand the “fine print”, go to the Bonuses section of the Parimatch bookmaker and learn all about bonuses.

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League of Legends Events

An event is an in-game promotion dedicated to various events, for example, the release of a new champion or skins, an annual holiday, or the development of the game universe. As part of the event, special tasks are given, by completing which you can get unique rewards.

Events are unique, irregular, and annual.

You can do a lot of lol betting during this time.