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After the participants of the Indian online betting market were officially obliged to have special licenses, all bookmakers were divided into legal and illegal ones. At the same time, many bookmakers, who have received legal status, have their own offshore versions of the sites, allowing players to bypass the obligation to verify accounts and pay taxes on the winnings received. One such BC is Parimatch, whose international offshore site, which has a com domain, is blocked by government in the Indian .

Players wishing to bet not on the Indian version of the bookmaker's website, but on its international counterpart, are forced to look for different ways to bypass the blocking of this online resource. One of the easiest and most effective ways to bypass locks is the official Parimatch mirror. Therefore, you need to understand where to find the actual mirror of this website and whether there are other alternative ways to access it.

Why the portal is blocked

Most bookmakers operating on the Internet open licenses in offshore countries. As a rule, this is enough for the company to be able to operate freely in most countries of the world. Until 2014, this rule extended to bookmakers working in India.

But with the adoption of FH 244, the situation has changed dramatically. Bookmakers at the legislative level were obliged to get a Indian license. Since that moment, government and domestic Internet providers began to actively block betting sites because of their lack of a license.

In order to obtain a license to conduct bookmaking activities in India, the company must:

  • join the SRO and the TSUPIS;
  • Pay membership fees on a regular basis;
  • to transfer 13 percent of users' winnings to the state budget.

In addition, the state obliged the players to undergo a complex and lengthy procedure of verifying their accounts in order to confirm their identity and the fact of reaching the age of majority. Such rules do not suit both bookmakers and most ordinary betters. Therefore, many bookmakers including Parimatch began to distribute the current mirrors of their offshore sites, where you do not need to verify accounts and pay taxes on the winnings received on bets.

The working mirror of the Site Parimatch guarantees the possibility of entering the international site of the bookmaker and a comfortable game without any restrictions on the part of the regulatory authorities.

Despite the efficiency of the use of mirrors, government is constantly monitoring the network to identify mirror-links of BC Parimatch and other bookmakers with the aim of blocking them. Therefore, users often have to search for working mirrors.

What is a mirror

The international version of the site has its own working mirror, which provides the ability to enter users regardless of the blocking of the resource by government agencies or providers. The site's mirror automatically redirects the batters to the bookmaker's original website, which is simply posted on another domain not blocked in India. In fact, we are talking about the substitution of the real address of the Internet resource to bypass the locks.

The site, placed on a mirror address, is a complete analogue of the official website of the bookmaker' office. It has all the same features as the resource placed on the original domain, so users may not face any restrictions when interacting with such a website.

One of the main tasks of bookmakers with offshore sites is to detect the fact of blocking the site and its mirrors in a timely manner for the subsequent placement of new working mirror links on the network, responsible for the possibility of alternative entry to the bookmaker's office. Going through the mirror link, the user will be able not only to go into his personal office, but also to replenish the game account, withdraw the money earned on the bets, as well as make a bet on the sporting event of interest to him.

How to get around the lock

Often enough, users face the inability to gain access to both the legal and illegal website B.C. Parimatch in India. At the same time, they can not go to the mobile version of the online resource of the bookmaker. The blocking of a legal site may be related to both technical work and external DDOS attacks.

Find a way out of this situation will help the last mirror of the site. True far yen always users can find a new working mirror BC Parimatch. Therefore, users should consider the following alternative ways of bypassing the locks, in order to have always access to the website of the bookmaker:

  • Vpn. With VPN services and special browser extensions, the user can easily swap his real IP address for another country's IP address. Thus, he simulates his presence on the territory of another state, which will give him the opportunity to freely use the resource blocked in India BC Parimatch.
  • TOR browser is a special Internet browser, working on the principle of peer-to-peer network, where all the information transmitted goes through a complex encryption procedure. This browser replaces the real location of the Internet user, which, in turn, allows you to bypass the blocking of government.
  • A smart mortgage. by adding a smart bookmark to your internet browser batter, will always have access to the Parimatch working mirror. It is enough just to go to the site of the bookmaker and drag his address in the bookmark panel. The working mirror link will always be automatically updated. This will allow the user not to care about finding a working mirror, and comfortably use the Internet resource.
  • "Parimatch Bet Client" program. Window users can download and download set on your computer special program called "Parimatch Bet Client." The only downside of this method is that the user will still have to use a mirror to enter the bookmaker's website and download from it this application. At the same time, the program has a number of significant advantages. For example, better does not have to go into the Internet browser and go to the site of B.C. as he can bet through this application. In addition, it will always be possible to visit the site of the bookmaker, regardless of the locks of government, replenish the game account, withdraw money and bet in both prematice and live.
  • Telegram bot. Telegram is a popular messenger. Parimatch-bot was specially designed for users of this messenger. After adding this bot, the user will have a chat with it. To instantly receive a work link, it is enough to write him a "working mirror" or other similar request. Not only residents of the Indian , but also users from other countries where the offshore site Parimatch is under lockdown can use the help of telegrambot.
  • Official Internet browser from BC Parimatch. Parimatch is the first betting company to create its own Internet browser. Using this browser will help to solve any problems with gaining access to the offshore version of the bookmaker's website forever. To do this, just download the browser from the official site of B.C. and install it on the computer.
  • Anonymizers. Anonymizer sites allow you to access blocked internet sites. To use such services, it is enough to insert the address of the bookmaker's website into the entry line and press the "go" button. The only downside to this way of bypassing locks is the low speed of the unlocked Internet resource.

Possible entry problems

Now, due to the activity of government, which is constantly monitoring mirror links of bookmaking sites, users often face the problem of finding working mirrors. In addition, inexperienced users may stumble upon fraudulent resources, where they distribute fake mirror addresses with access to a fake B.C. site. Using such a reference and making a bet, the user will lose funds. Therefore, it is important to use only links published on the official pages of the bookmaker on social networks and on proven resources dedicated to betting.