What are the rates

For Starcraft 2, the most typical format is individual combat, that is, one-on-one. There are games for several players, but this is rather an exception. The most common are meetings of up to two, three or four wins. The latter are usually held in the grand finals of the competition. For the group stage, there are more standards for a series of up to two wins or best of 3, which will mean that there can be only three cards at most. The group finals are already played up to three wins, or best of 5.

Parimatch Betting on StarCraft

Outcome betting

As with many other sports, Starcraft 2 match winner betting is one of the most popular. These Starcraft betting can be found in the line of any bookmaker, for example Parimatch sports betting. Here you have a choice: you can bet both on the winner of the entire series up to several victories, on one specific card or on the exact score, for example, that the victory will be won on a dry sheet 2: 0.

What to consider when choosing esports betting Starcraft for the outcome:

  • The current form of the player;
  • the results of the last games;
  • statistics of personal meetings against an opponent;
  • line in ladder.

It happens that some player plays “on the courage” all season or at this particular tournament. Then it is quite expected that he might surprise. But there is also a factor of personal meetings - there are extremely uncomfortable opponents who know the weaknesses of the other player. It is also important to keep track of the winrate, what is the percentage of wins and losses now. Well, the position in the table can say a lot, about stability, for example. If a player is high, it means that he often wins and often plays in tournaments.

Parimatch Betting on StarCraft

Total Card Time

One of the types of bets on the total playing time both on one card and on all of them together. The duration can depend on various factors: play style, race, meta, features of the map itself, and so on. Also, the current patch will influence a lot - ten years ago, almost all games were played for 20 minutes. Nowadays, there are often cases when games are delayed and last about an hour.

Total by cards

In addition to the total time, you can also bet on the total total of cards won by the player. This bet is popular in long-term competitions when many games are played. This is where the player's current shape will have a major impact. Since there will be many rivals, we must take into account their statistics too. In addition, it is worth remembering that losses on the first day sometimes do not mean anything. It happens that the player has not yet warmed up or has not joined the rhythm of the game. Therefore, at times, those who started with a defeat can calmly reach the final.

Player position betting

There are also bets on the player's personal positions. In addition to the general classification, athletes occupy certain places at each competition. You can take a chance and try to predict how far someone will climb. This type of bet is also quite difficult to analyze, like the total of cards, since many factors have to be taken into account, for example, the player's stability in the tournament, possible opponents, personal meetings, and so on. In addition to the position, there are bets on other indicators of the players.

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