Parimatch Tennis betting online is one of the most popular bets among all bettors. This is evidenced by the fact that tennis analyzes appear online very regularly on almost every sports site. Why is tennis so often in the field of view of bookmakers? As you can guess, it’s not just the attractiveness of this sport. This means that only two players compete in tennis, which means, from a tipster’s point of view, less effort to create an analysis and, of course, much more favorable betting results. Easy and fast withdrawal of winnings with Parimatch.

How to bet on tennis Parimatch?

Most bettors bet on tournaments under the auspices of the ATP or WTA, not counting the Grand Slam tournaments. The ATP is an association of professional men’s tennis players and their tournaments are among the highest quality. The WTA is a similar version of the ATP with the difference that it is played by women. However, bookmakers also offer tournaments of much lower categories, often featuring completely unknown players who may not even have ranked in the world rankings yet. Even such tournaments and matches are bet on, especially in live mode. 


Parimatch Tennis betting rules

There are different Tennis bet types for each sport, with some places predominantly betting on match or mid-match results, while others focus on handicaps. Let’s now see together which tennis bets are popular with bettors.

Set winner

A typical tennis bet where you bet on the winner of a particular set. You have to be extra careful with these Types of tennis bets as it is not written anywhere that the favorite of the match cannot lose the set. In tennis, it often happens that a player who has a clear advantage on paper loses the first set and only then begins to play at full strength.

Number of games in a set (Over/Under)

Each set consists of individual games. The winner of the set is the player who first wins six games (but must have an advantage of at least two). The maximum number of games won is 7, and the tie-break starts when the score is 6:6.

In the Over / Under bet, we bet on the sum of the games of both players. If the first set ends with a score of 6:3, then nine games have been played. Rates are usually written in decimal, such as 9.5. Thus, the bettor bets on whether the number of games will exceed this limit or not. Thus, if the set ended with a score of 6:3, then we see that the limit of 9.5 has not been reached.


Handicap in Parimatch tennis bets are used to level the playing field when one player is expected to outnumber. If a -2.5 game handicap is entered, the player must win by at least three games or the bet will be lost. If the handicap is +2.5 games, the player must not lose more than 2 games for your bet to win. A minus in front of a number means the player is at a disadvantage, while a plus indicates an advantage for that number of games.

Accurate score

Here we bet on the exact result of the match, that is, for example, 2:0 in sets or 1:2. You need to guess the exact score, not just the winner of the match.

Parimatch Live Tennis Betting – Various Betting Options

In the introduction, I mentioned that Live tennis betting is very popular in India, as evidenced by the wide range of betting options for individual matches. Tennis in real time is simply adored by bookmakers. As a rule, you will find much more betting options in the live section than in pre-match betting, so this type of betting is definitely worth a try. Tennis is a fast paced game where there is always something going on, so unlike football there is always something to bet on. This is what most bettors try to take advantage of.

In live tennis betting, flow is also important so you can see what form the players are in. In order to watch tennis, we often use the services of the bookmaker itself, which is obviously the best option. Therefore, if you plan to bet live, keep this in mind when choosing the right bookmaker. However, it should be borne in mind that live broadcasts from bookmakers come with a slight delay in order to give the bookmaker time to respond to changes.

Are there tennis betting strategies?

Although there are many Parimatch tennis-specific strategies on the Internet, none of them work 100%. Each strategy has its own fan club among bettors who cannot stop admiring it, but there are also many opponents for whom it has never worked. Therefore, choosing the right strategy is a purely individual matter, so we cannot recommend any Tennis betting strategy.

Tennis predictions for today, bets for tomorrow

Tennis is a very popular topic for sports betting both before and during (live) matches. For this reason, the corresponding betting odds for men’s, women’s and mixed competitions are available on all betting sites without exception. Users wishing to bet on Parimatch tennis are privileged to have at their disposal numerous bookmaker analyzes and free predictions provided by our experts. How do you use them?

These are free tennis predictions that any registered user can claim as their own. All betting Tennis betting tips available with us are included in constantly updated statistics. This means that Parimatch provides full transparency of published Parimatch tennis betting odds. In the statistics, you can clearly see exactly how many predictions were made for tennis, how many of them ended in success, what is the profit and what income was received. Thanks to this, you can consider Parimatch tennis predictions as a certainty – you have access to the numbers, and the numbers do not lie after all, and they show that the Parimatch tennis betting predictions of our community members come true very often.