Verification in Parimatch is a mandatory procedure that is designed to confirm the identity of the user, so that no one else has access to the game account. The user's data correlates with the information of the payment system and the person's personality. If it turns out that the account holder and the owner of the wallet/bank card/account are not the same person, the system prohibits withdrawing money.

With Parimatch, you can only top up your wallet or card, that is, even if the wallet belongs to your nearest relative, you will not be able to withdraw funds. That's why you need to go through the process of identification, so that the company knows that you are the real owner of the account and only you can withdraw money from the site.

Why check-out

Without verification in Parimatch, the player will not be able to withdraw money, so anyone who plans to earn with the help of a bookmaker, must pass it. This is to protect your funds from scammers. If the account, payment system and documents provided by the user are the same, the system approves the withdrawal request.

At the slightest mismatch, you must re-identify the person.

It is important to understand that verification of the Parimatch Match account is a very important and necessary procedure. Only in this way you can be guaranteed to secure your account from scammers. Even if your account is hacked and will be able to log in under your data - you will not be able to withdraw money from the account precisely because you will need to confirm the identity and compare with the verification data.

How to pass verification in Parimatch for Indians

Verification is available to anyone who has created an account in BC Parimatch. The personal office has a special form for downloading electronic copies. It is also advisable to fill out a profile on the site and provide information about yourself to minimize the chance of error.

You can upload the following photos (to choose from):

  • Passports
  • Passports;
  • driver's license.

Documents must be valid and issued by official public services. Copies should be taken from the originals, not from other, earlier copies.

Verification of Parimatch through State Services

To activate the account on the official website through the State Services will require proof of identity not only in B.C. Parimatch, but also in the TsUPIS.

To do this, you need:

  • Register on the Parimatch and TsUPIS website;
  • to visit the salon of the Euronet or Contact, taking with you a passport and 200-300 rupees.

This is more difficult than downloading documents to the site. In addition, there is a possibility to spend. But this is a mandatory procedure that legitimizes all user actions on the bookmaker's website.

Only Indian citizens can use the State Service portal!

How much verification is carried out

There is no official information on the clear dates of identification. The procedure can take from a few minutes, but can sometimes take a while. This depends on many factors and possible difficulties with personality confirmation.

Many players complain that they cannot withdraw funds for several weeks because they are awaiting confirmation. Therefore, it is recommended to be verified as soon as the account is created.

Is it possible to bypass verification

Identification cannot be circumvented. The user can delay the procedure until the moment when it is necessary to withdraw funds. Verification is a mandatory procedure that benefits both the client and the institution. The client gets confidence in the security of his winnings, and the bookmaker receives guarantees that the account will not be hacked and the client's money will not go into the wrong hands.


Analyzing the above, we can conclude that the activation of the account is necessary for:

  • Protecting funds from scammers
  • Legalization of the user before the law;
  • Proof of identity
  • confirmation that the user is an adult.

There is no way to circumvent verification. If you intend to earn on Parimatch, provide the requested data in advance. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a few weeks.